Bill Nace & Samara Lubelski

DPSD, Litronix

Friday, July 26
Doors: 7pm | Show: 7:30pm


“Gorgeously psychedelic debut by this new guitar/violin duo, created by two of the form’s great maestros. Samara Lubelski and Bill Nace are both veterans of the American sub-underground. Between them they have many projects under many names on many labels. Most recently, however, the two have been focused on string-based duo aktion, Samara in cahoots with Marcia Bassett, and Bill with Kim Gordon in Body/Head. These two ensembles explore different expanses of the genre. The Lubelski/Bassett Duo focus on the powerful beauty of drone rainbow landscapes, while Body/Head venture into dialogues dealing with subconscious dream language. On this album Bill and Samara create a hybrid between these approaches, offering textual interactions that blaze like fire. On the five tracks of their eponymous LP, Samara’s violin creates a base of long form string distention, against which Bill’s amp-shudder creates event surges that fill your brain with frozen images of walls caught in mid-collapse, and continents sinking into a sea. Their motion has tectonic implications. About all I can compare it to is momentary flashes of A Handful of Dust (the Bruce Russell/Alastair Galbraith unit), but the intent here seems quite different, and as mentioned before, the results feel bracingly psychedelic. Have not had a chance to spin this after an acid drop yet. Will wait for the actual LP to do that, but I’m thinking it will make for a most excellent pairing. I suggest you consider the same. Tout de suite.” – Byron Coley


DPSD is the new audio and video project of Danny Perez, Cuban-American based in Los Angeles. Perez’s background as a mostly experimental filmmaker (ODDSAC, Antibirth) informs some of the more cinematic leanings of his music as if Ennio Morricone had chugged some cough syrup and was scoring a John Waters movie. Having worked as a visual artist and collaborator with Black Dice, Animal Collective, Panda Bear for years in the forms of music videos and touring visuals, Perez now begins his own instrumental music trip with fractured guitar melodies, dissonant electronics , and street beats providing a heavy but blissful score to the visuals depicting a strange dystopia infused with corn syrup and flashes of juvenile humor.


Los Angeles native Kevin Litrow has been in many bands throughout his life such as the legendary “Dance Disaster Movement”, “Radar”, and “60 Watt Kid”. But In 2012, Kevin found his true heart to be his own one-man music machine called Litronix. With 2 records under his belt and is currently recording the third, Litronix is timeless and will grow beyond the status quo.

Technologically rooted in repetition using midi loop pedals and electronics, Litronix creates pop structures and dynamic layers of analog synthesizers, micro tonally open tuned guitar, subsonic bass frequencies, heavy poly-rhythmic electronic beats and soulful vocal melodies on top.

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