Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & Jon Langford: Song For Song

Friday, November 17
Doors: 6pm | Show: 7pm
A Special Seated Show!


Two legendary artists, Will Oldham (aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) and Jon Langford (of the Mekons and Waco Brothers), recreate their exclusive FitzGerald’s remote pandemic-internet-marathon-livestream in person and live: song for song.

“For the last one, I sat alone on the stage at a deserted FitzGeralds (a legendary roadhouse based in Berwyn, IL) while Will stared out at me from the screen of a laptop” says Langford, “Strangely enough it was one of the high points of the lock down for me despite the weirdness and physical loneliness of the situation. It was meant to be an hour or so of music and chat but it ended up closer to 3 hours before they shut us down!” Now, the two men are bringing their live collaboration to a very select group of cities in North America, live and in person, sharing the same stage.

The only open-to-the-public streaming performance Oldham did during the pandemic was the FitzGerald’s show with Langford. Oldham has been told, indirectly, that he is officially a Deputy Mekon. The Mekons’ songs “Only Darkness Has the Power”, “Prince of Darkness”, “When Darkness. Falls”, “Darkness & Doubt” were obviously seeds that helped bear the fruit that is “I See a Darkness”, one of the better-loved Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy songs. Bonny is Oldham’s singing dummy, and Oldham relishes any opportunity to nuzzle muzzles with Langford. In person, watch for flying sparks and pleasant odors.

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