Eight, The Talking Kind

Sunday, November 12
Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8pm


Dazy—the moniker of Richmond, VA-based musician James Goodson—has joined the Lame-O Records roster with the release of single, “Rollercoaster Ride” and b-side “Peel.” The songs follow Goodson’s collaborative single with Militarie Gun, “Pressure Cooker,” and showcase both sides of Dazy’s noise pop dynamic. At just under two minutes, the A-side “Rollercoaster Ride” is another irresistible example of Dazy’s ability to pack big hooks into small runtimes. The track is perhaps Goodson’s poppiest to date, combining a bouncy drum machine beat, buzzing guitars, and shining mellotron to conjure a late ‘90s sound that feels refreshed instead of retro. On the B-side “Peel,” the swirling, psych-tinged verses give way to a driving, distortion-drenched chorus that’s equal parts volume and melody. Both songs were recorded by Goodson at home, then mixed and mastered by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab (Dinosaur Jr, The Pixies, Wild Pink).


Eight is the recording project of Mimi Gallagher, based in Philadelphia. Delight in Eight is the debut record, assembled from recordings done at home and at the Bunk with a revolving door of friends — anchored by the core trio of Mimi Gallagher, Cat Park, and Pat Brier with producer and engineer Matt Schimefeling — contributing to 9 songs to form a concise and perfect statement. That statement is alternatingly joyful and melancholic. A beginning, rainbow, a dog, a beach, a middle, a boat, a chase, a sticky situation, and an end all make an appearance on a record that is as much a dispersion of color as it is of sounds and feelings.


Backed by a self-deprecating sense of humor that his therapist calls “troublesome,” Talking Kind presents Pat Graham with an opportunity to explore being totally honest with himself. Affection is wonky and unfiltered, which is exactly what Talking Kind is all about.

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