Hammered Hulls

Sunday, December 04
Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8pm


Hammered Hulls’ debut LP, Careening, may very well be the last record to be recorded and mixed at the famed Washington, D.C. area recording studio, Inner Ear. Engineered by studio owner Don Zientara and produced by Ian MacKaye, Careening was started right before the pandemic lockdown and completed in summer/fall of 2021.
A new band of long-time players, Hammered Hulls’ music hews close to some of their early influences. Alec MacKaye is the voice, Mark Cisneros is the guitarist, Mary Timony takes a nimble and rarely-heard turn as bassist, and Chris Wilson commands the drums. Each of them bring their individual imprint to the total sound. This concussion of strength upon strength, unified by vulnerable songs, only barely contained, is the signature sound of Hammered Hulls.
” Alec MacKaye has been a source of inspiration to me since I was 15 years old when his bands the Untouchables and Faith made their massive crater-sized impacts on me. “Inspiration” doesn’t do it justice – in the chaos of his performance and the power of his voice, Alec was always to me the distant horizon of what any singer could aspire to be. It is surely the only debt you can incur that feels like a gift.
That he now continues to provide that same energy to me 42 years later with his band Hammered Hulls is not really a surprise but it is wildly welcome. Mary Timony, Chris Wilson and Mark Cisneros, three musicians of absurd pedigree, sensitivity and skill , create a weave that’s both tough and lithe, the ideal setting for Alec’s singular voice and words. Their new single “Rights and Reproduction” colonized my mind when I saw them play it live and is now just as disruptive in its recorded form. A highwater mark has been redrawn. Hammered Hulls are for real.”
– Guy Picciotto (Fugazi, Rites of Spring)