Maria BC

Eyes Of The Amaryllis

Thursday, February 22
Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8pm


“Maria BC is a classically trained vocalist, a dexterous guitarist, and a songwriter with an innate gift for vast, stately melodies, but the defining strength of their music is the mood: an overarching melancholy that shadows everything like heavy storm clouds.”

Ohio-born, Oakland, CA-based artist Maria BC (they/them) has slowly opened up their process over the years, moving from the one-room recording process of 2021 EP Devil’s Rain—careful not to disturb their roommates or neighbors—to the untreated apartment wanderings of Hyaline (2022, Father/Daughter) to the home of a family friend featuring an out-of-tune baby Steinway piano where they recorded their Sacred Bones debut, Spike Field.

Hyaline, was a 2022 ambient-folk highlight. It found the singer-songwriter crafting haunting tracks that played like they were beamed from the heart of some mystical, cobwebbed attic. Spike Field pushed their gauzy formula into increasingly manicured terrain, capturing the sound of a young artist who has quickly honed a singular voice. Strings, plucked guitar and buzzing swells accompany their classically-trained mezzo-soprano voice soaking their arrangements in a denser and more kaleidoscopic way than any of their previous work. Maria BC describes it as “filling out the sonic space,” as Spike Field builds on the intimacy of Hyaline through liberating instrumental embellishments.


Eyes of the Amaryllis is a Philadelphia based group bonded by an interest in non-musical creative practice. Despite this, visual artist Jim Strong (Melkings, ex-Weyesblood),  illustrator / horticulturist Goda TrakumIte and miscreant Jesse Dewlow (People Skills) converge to stake out curious, spectral sonic territory. Their non-idiomatic take on pop music ambles between vaporous New Weird America recordings, 80’s industrial cassette murk, and the heartfelt vernacular of the kiwi underground.

“an emotion-led anti-formalism. A new folk song, in its own intimate way, born of private understanding and anti-orthodoxy.”  -World of Echo

“the Kye Records equivalent of “indie rock”  -Matt Korvette (YellowGreenRed)

“if freak-folk was good”  -Thomas DeAngelo (Crisis of Taste)

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