Origami Angel

Pool Kids, Insignificant Other

Saturday, October 15
Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8pm


If there’s one word that defines Origami Angel, a spritely Washington, D.C.-bred act that excels in exploratory fusions of pop-punk and fifth-wave emo– not to mention the seemingly dozens of other genres they keep in their back pocket– it would be friendship. The duo, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Ryland Heagy and drummer Pat Doherty, makes its bones by fostering an almost-ethereally intimate relationship with its community of fans and listeners, bolstered not just by Heagy’s highly idiosyncratic style of lyricism but also by their bottomless well of addictively unorthodox hooks.

Heagy and Doherty are songwriters of sheer heft and momentum, their intimidatingly high-quality musicianship only trumped by their melodic know-how and knack for brilliantly relatable, self-deprecating lyricism. Origami Angel want to be the best like no one ever was, and so far it seems like very little is going to be able to stand in their way.


Pool Kids are energy. Raw, sporadic, and indisputably authentic, the four piece group originally hails from Tallahassee, FL. “Pool Kids,” the band’s masterful self-titled album, fuses fan-favoritemath and art rockfamiliarities with a tide of emotional and technical growth, engulfing the listener in a wave of impassioned indie rock angst.

This new album sees the band at their final, most kinetic form. Recorded in Seattle by producer Mike Vernon Davis and mastered by João Carvalho, the latest LP is more crisp and polished than ever before, blending synth layers with post-hardcore guitar riffs and indie-pop textures with hot-tempered vocals.

While the universal pain we all feel as we stumble into adulthood serves as the connective thread that runs through each of the songs on the album, the individual songs subject matter cover a dynamic emotional range. From everything to coping with trauma, the dissolution of romantic relationships, disillusionment with and shedding of friendships, and more, all while maintaining the power, humor, and resilience that defines the band.


bham al powerpop! on counter intuitive records 🙂