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Hellos –
Just wanted to pass along word about an event we are really excited to be working on. Everyone knows we love doing shows in basements and warehouses but we REALLY like it when we can go into some of the more traditional / fancy rooms for a special evening.We have done a few shows at The Kimmel Center but we think this one will certainly take the cake. On Saturday June 21st the Kimmel Center for The Performing Arts will host “Solstice In The City” an all night event with food, drinks, performing arts and music spread out all over the building.

There will be DJs in the lobby, jazz artists playing in the lounge. Jose Garces will have food and drinks made especially for the Summer Solstice and most importantly REAL ESTATE and SAN FERMIN (with one special guest tba) will be playing live inside Verizon Hall.

For those who have not been, Verizon Hall, was the first major concert hall to open in the 21st Century. By far Philadelphia’s best performance venue. The cello-shaped auditorium combines warmth and richness of design within extraordinary sightlines and acoustically advanced technologies. In other words, it’s a really awesome place to see a show.

For this special evening, patrons will be allowed to come in and out as the building as they please. As we mentioned it’s an all night affair. The idea is to walk around from room to room. Have a few drinks, grab a few bites from Garces. There is no assigned seating – the idea is to explore and experience the Kimmel Center in a much more casual atmosphere.

Tickets for the evening are just $30 which includes all online and facility fees (so a $30 ticket actually costs $30). You can purchase them online at the link above or visiting their box office right on Broad St.

We’ll have lots more on this event in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned. We hope you take this opportunity to enjoy this unique show in Philadelphia’s grandest venue.

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