The Stubbornness Of The Young Tour

Chris Cresswell

Dave Ross, Maxwell Stern

Thursday, April 25
Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8pm


Chris Cresswell is trading in his signature snarl found in his longtime main squeeze and Canadian punk stalwarts The Flatliners and recent gig with post-punk legends Hot Water Music, for a softer approach on his newly announced solo album The Stubbornness of the Young – his first full length since his solo debut in 2014. Cresswell’s sophomore album will be the first release on The Flatliners’ newly minted record label PWC Recordings, which is described by the band as “an exciting new chapter in our ongoing quest for sonic jubilation.”

The lead single Behind The Crow shows Cresswell leaning into the fully expanded sound he’s hinted at before, but never executed quite like this. A big tune to celebrate how a busy mind can make some positive noise, with a groove that is sure to keep your brain bouncing all summer long.

Behind The Crow is out June 9th
The Stubbornness of the Young is out September 15th on PWC Recordings


Hi. I’m a comedian. Watch my standup.

I have a podcast called What’s it Called.

You can buy 7-inch records and shit in my shop.

I perform a lot! I’m pretty much always doing shows at home in NYC, and I tour sometimes. Come see me.

I’ve made a lot of things over the years.


Hailing from the post-industrial shores of Cleveland, OH, Maxwell Stern has been writing music and touring since the early 2000s. He has released a slew of LPs and 7″s, and has played shows pretty much everywhere including an abandoned restaurant in Wyoming, a mall in China, several squats in Germany and a pretty nice bookstore in Australia. He is definitely not the person writing this.

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