Don Slepian


Wednesday, May 08
Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8pm


Improvisatory electronic keyboardist Don Slepian has presented his innovative “Classical Music of the Future” show to appreciative Electronica fans in Europe, America and Asia. Utilizing unusual electronics and spanning five centuries of Western music, Slepian extends the art of the soloist in live performance.


Saapato is the music project of upstate NY based multi-instrumentalist Brendan Principato. His work focuses on the intersection of ecology and music, using a distinct blend of manipulated field recordings and lush electronic soundscapes to encourage listeners to reconsider their place within nature. He spent half of August 2023 in residence with the Alaska State Park Service recording bird migration outside of Juneau. In autumn of 2022, he was in residence with the National Park Service on Fire Island, NY documenting “shoulder season” in rare and rapidly disappearing swale and dune habitats. His forthcoming record, On Fire Island will be released via Sound as Language on May 3rd and is the result of his time spent in residence with the National Park Service.

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