Yasmin Nur

Wednesday, June 05
Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8pm


“With Love” kicks off the album with a massive power pop sound that makes you all warm inside. When we initially finished writing the song, it became a very solid starting point for the rest of the album that allowed us to dive into the many different facets of love. No battery way to start than with a song that you can’t help but sing into a hairbrush with your favorite person. -Riley Hall

Columbus, Ohio trio Snarls had never been overseas as a band. They’ve toured the U.S multiple times since their debut LP “Burst” hopped onto the scene in March of 2020, but crossing the pond wasn’t an opportunity that had come their way yet. So, when producer Chris Walla (Tegan & Sara, Death Cab For Cutie) couldn’t make his normal studio home of Seattle, WA, work, he pitched the band the idea of coming to his actual home in Norway to make their upcoming sophomore full-length. The offer turned out to be one the band couldn’t refuse.

A 13-hour flight and a couple hour drive lead them to almost the middle of nowhere in Surnadal, Norway, where they hunkered down to track what would become their sophomore LP “With Love,” at DreamFarm Studios. What becomes immediately apparent on the first listen of Snarls’ new LP “With Love,” (releasing May 3rd via Take This To Heart Records) is its urgency. Snarls doesn’t pull their punches teaming with Walla to create a lavish soundscape production that balances high-powered guitars with ethereal vocal harmonies to construct a sound uniquely their own.

For Snarls there is no sophomore slump, only a continuation and building upon what they’ve always done since the band’s inception: Create truthful, honest, heart on a string indie-rock that speaks not only for them, but to them in a way that only that can convey.


Wichita based singer-songwriter Yasmin Nur is no stranger to letting her emotions lead the direction of her art. With emotive lyricism and inspiration from 90s rock queens, Yasmin has been able to find her own way of balancing the heavy and the delicate.

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