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Four time “Best New Music” winner (does anyone else have that many?) FLYING LOTUS will be coming back to Philly on Tues Oct 14 at The Tower Theater. By far one of the best electronic live shows we have ever seen thanks in part to his ridiculous 3D visuals.

What makes Flying Lotus so unique and sound so ahead of his peers is that you can’t sum up his music with one word, genre or catch all phrase. Yes there are moments of electronica, and hints of a more hip-hop minded past but there is also a nice use of instrumentation including harps, strings, horns, and keys that help give it all a rounded and celestial feel. But along with those majestic and pretty moments there is a whole lot of frantic and urgent energy that runs throughout. It’s a wide world vision that’s as informed by Eastern grooves and psychedelia as it is hip-hop, electronica, video games and cartoon culture (he used to make music for Adult Swim)

He’s found a top spot next to Madlib as a much needed ambassador of someone taking hip-hop as a launching pad orbiting to such pleasing outer dimensions. It get’s weird and that’s a good thing.

Tickets are on-sale here. We highly recommended that you see him live on Tuesday.


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