R5 Productions

Hellos –
Kindly pardon the extremely rare Thursday email, but we wanted to give some extra special love to this evening’s show, which we’ve been eagerly anticipating for months!
Tonight, we are thrilled to be bringing back one of our legit favorite artists currently making music, the wonderful Nils Frahm, a Berlin-based experimental modern classical composer who has released some incredible records that defy easy genre classification (straddling the worlds of epic star-gazing synth, to intimate solo piano pieces, and everything in between) and is one of the only artists in this world who is KNOWN for being AMAZING live in concert.  His shows usually feature him on three pianos, an array of synths, electronics and gadgets.  An incredibly singular performer with an inimitable range of abilities and voice; if you don’t believe us, just check out this live performance from KEXP:


Over the past couple of years, we’ve been thrilled to find success in bringing some of our favorite young composers from all over the world to come perform in unique, alternative spaces like the First Unitarian Church (ie. not “performing arts venues”, which are generally pretty stuffy).  It makes us so happy to be able to provide a setting which reflects our ideals and ethos from doing punk shows for 15+ years and hopefully bring along some new people who typically do not listen to “classical music”. In other words – we want to have these young artists play a cool show in a weird venue for some new fans.

When people ask what shows we are looking the most forward to, we always mention these specific shows. And while we realize this music is probably not for everyone, we ask that you give it a chance.  So long story short, we give this show our HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION, and hope you’ll join us in the Sanctuary this evening.  We promise it will be worth your time!


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