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As we mentioned a few weeks back we are excited to let you know that the PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET will be taking place on Saturday December 13th and Sunday December 14th. Just like last year’s holiday market, we are only allowing sellers to be there on ONE of the dates (not both). That means there will be completely different sellers / things to buy on each day!

As always, your $3 donation gets you into both days as well as the long awaited return of the PHILADELPHIA RECORD RIOT (a 50+ dealer record show) which will be taking place across the street from the flea market at The Starlight Ballroom on Saturday December 13th.

The flea market will be taking place in the usual location, “THE PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET DOME” which is the old Fed-Ex building located at 9th & Spring Garden Sts. If you are interested in vending please read all of the information below.

Proceeds from this flea market will benefit one of our favorite charities in the world, Skateistan. Skateistan is a non-profit organization that connects youth to educational opportunities through skateboarding including some of the 70,000 Afghan children who work in the streets daily to support their families.

Check out the below video to get a quick introduction to the very important work they to transforming young women’s lives in Afghanistan.

We are so exited to help this organization grow! We’ll have a lot more information about their work and efforts over the next few weeks.

Reservations will begin this Tuesday September 2nd at noon.

We only accept reservations on-line (via the links below) and we are not allowing vendors to make early reservations or hold tables etc. This past spring we sold out of tables in just two days, so we highly recommend you get reserve a table ASAP.

As always please follow these very easy (but important) rules :

– You may only make reservations for ONE of the days. NOT both.

– If you are planning on bringing a clothing rack, you MUST sign up for a “Clothing Rack” table. Racks typically have stuck out into the isles creating congestion problems. To alleviate this we need to separate the sellers with clothing racks from the other tables. We will not allow you to bring your clothing rack in if you do not have a “Clothing Rack” reservations. The good news is you get lots more space with this reservation type.

– Any items that are crafted, baked, made, pressed, printed or “brand new items” – fall under the “CRAFTS / NEW ITEMS / ART / FOOD / BUSINESS” tables. You must reserve this table. If you are found to have reserved a “Personal Table” we will cancel your reservation or not allow you to set up at the Flea Market. It’s only fair! Don’t cheat!

– If you are selling random old junk, crap etc. That is a “PERSONAL TABLE”. This is for when you are moving and want to get rid of your old possessions. Or you decide you hate all of your old baseball cards or old band shirts. This reservation is for your OLD JUNK only. If you are making jewelry or vegan baked goods, the CRAFTS / NEW ITEMS etc table above is for you.

As always we provide the tables (6X3 or 3X3 for a half table) and chairs. You do not have to bring either. Reservations are online only (this makes it much easier to keep track of the reservations and requests)

So good luck! Again table reservations open up today, Tuesday September 2nd at noon. Links are below. First come, first served. You can not sell both days. Only one!

If you have any questions that were not answered in this e-mail, please reply and ask away.


-r5 / punk rock flea market
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