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It’s been a while since we have had the opportunity to send one of these e-mails and boy are we delighted to do so. Over the last few years we have been fortunate enough to convince a small handful of young composers from around the world to visit Philadelphia and perform at the First Unitarian Church. In our twenty plus years or promoting concerts, these have been the most memorable shows for us.

Typically this type of live music has found it’s way into various small performing arts centers scattered across a few major cities in the US. Often alienating younger music fans who typically did not look towards these venues to discover new artists. This especially was the case in Philadelphia. We believed if given then chance, we could present opportunities for the lesser known artists to make brand new fans in our city.

Back in the summer of 2013 one of our very first “New Composer” shows was for a young man from Germany by the name of Nils Frahm. A modest crowd of about 100 people came to check out a relatively unknown artist in most “indie” circles. By the end of the night, he had to do two encores. The crow could not get enough….”More! More!” I swear all 100 people in the room were in line to buy his album after the show.

I never saw someone sweat and grimace as much as he did that evening. It was kind of crazy to see someone exhausted after a piano show but Nils was literally dripping wet from banging away at two pianos at once like an absolute madman. Not only hammering at the keys with incredibly precision, but also using toilet brushes (really!) and small tools to play the framework of the piano itself. Without a doubt one of the top five concerts we have hosted.

Since that 2013 show at The Church, Nils has become quite the high profiled artist, gathering critical acclaim for his seven full length releases. Playing major concert halls and festivals all over the planet while racking up millions of views and streams. We are so hyped up to welcome him back to Philly.

We demand that you set aside 15 minutes today to checkout a live clip to get an idea. We have featured one of the most impressive videos right in this e-mail. Simply click the above black and white image to see a true virtuoso at work. Magnificent!

With greater international exposure, comes a much more involved live show. This Saturday at Union Transfer Nils will be playing grand piano along with a vast array of different synths, uprights, organs, drum machines and moogs with heaps of extra lighting to top it all off. It will barely fit on the big stage of Union Transfer. Expect a blistering two+ hour, one man show as Nils slides and glides from one set of keys to the next.

There are countless pianists and contemporary composers out there specializing in pretty instrumentals that seem enjoy a crossover appeal with younger fans of electronica and indie music these days, but of all these “indie-classical” artists Nils Frahm is proving to be something genuinely unique and special.We really hope to see you this Saturday at Union Transfer.

There will be no opener. Nils is scheduled to hit the stage right at 8:30pm. You do not want to miss a second of this show! For maximum immersion, we will shut down all bars inside the performance room at 8:15 (drinks will still be available in the lobby bar during the show) and ask that guests keep talking to a minimum and refrain from cell recording.

Tickets can be purchased at the link below.

This will without a doubt be one great show you’ll remember! Again, check out the clip to get an idea what’s in store for this weekend. We are already two thirds full and expect a full house by Saturday. Don’t sleep on it!


Nils Frahm

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