R5 Productions is a “Do It Yourself” show promotions agency owned and operated by Sean Agnew whose main goal is to provide the Philadelphia area with cheap, friendly, shows in a honest intimate setting. Philadelphia suffers from a lack of a medium sized all ages venue, creating a situation in which bands often play other major east coast cities such as New York or D.C. , but skip over Philadelphia.

Shows are done in various small to medium sized club locations, halls, warehouses, basements, colleges and universities. Door prices generally remain between $8-$12. We make sure not to implement over-the edge club policies. There are no over-aggressive bouncers, no security preventing you to go outside, no one charging you $3 for a bottle of water, no one keeping you smushed behind a giant barrier with your favorite band 25 feet away. This type of sterile environment usually creates for a less fulfilling live music experience. As they said in the old days…For The Kids, By The Kids.

R5 Productions makes it a point to meet band guarantees, often at times paying them more than the actual agreed upon guarantee. We essentially do all the work a normal large club would do for their shows. But present it in a less “stiff environment”. Generally the bands are paid even more than a club could, because we have a greatly reduced overhead and expense tallies. We can/will meet riders, provide bands safe dressing and equipment areas, and treat them as actual people..rather them with the cavalier attitude most clubs seem to have of “another band another day.” R5 Productions firmly believes that for most given bands that we deal with, in this so called “underground”, we can offer a far better alternative than any other possible club or promoter in Philadelphia

R5 wants to build and nourish the smaller scene most of us personally identify with, while maintaining an all-ages entrance policy whenever possible. Offering people a quality live experience of bands they may have not previously ever experienced. To introduce challenging bands of different political beliefs and aesthetic styles. To present people new ideas and fresh perspectives on current issues. To do all this in a process that everyone feels comfortable with, for a price that is fair and accessible while simultaneously supportive of hardworking artists. We encourage you to check out what shows are coming up to get an actual feel for what we are all about.


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thu, July 18
R5 & 4333 Present

Fucked Up


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Control Top

Carnivorous Bells, Eraser

ON SALE: May 31 at 10:00am

sat, Nov 16

PRE SALE STARTS: Jun 11 at 10:00am

thu, Oct 17
WXPN 88.5 Welcomes | Can't Be Still Tour

Illuminati Hotties

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