Health & Wellness Tour

Medium Build


Monday, March 27
Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8pm


Nick Carpenter wants honesty, even when it’s uncomfortable. Under the moniker Medium Build, Carpenter finds levity in the rough edges and complications, crafting slice-of-life songs about growing up and messing up. “The worst thing a song can do is not make me feel,” Carpenter says. “I want a song to tell me too much.” After growing out of his church upbringing of mission trips and “sad Jesus songs,” Carpenter found himself in Anchorage, Alaska, where Medium Build began to take its full form. A songwriter first, Carpenter finds inspiration in storytellers like Billy Joel and Randy Newman, combining narrative lyrics with an R&B-tinged, guitar-driven production style: His first single of 2022, “comeonback,” finds Carpenter pleading for another chance with his full chest, cutting deep into a memory with brutal honesty. Medium Build is an amalgamation of genres and influences with Carpenter at its core, approaching life and music with humor, empathy and casual absurdity.


Zinadelphia is a vocalist and guitarist based in Philadelphia. Influenced heavily by Neo-Soul, Jazz, Funk, and Folk music, Zinadelphia combines elements of these genres in her debut single ‘Mirrorball’. With a 7 piece band, Zinadelphia has been making a quick, yet impactful, entrance into the music scene. With a strong backing of support through social media apps TikTok and Instagram, Zinadelphia is excited to continue the musical journey with more releases.